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Help Wanted Online (HWOL)

The Help Wanted Online (HWOL) program monitors the number of seasonally and not seasonally adjusted online job ad openings posted by Illinois employers. This data is produced to assist individuals seeking job opportunities with information on jobs ads by employer and by occupation in their region.

Help Wanted Ads During COVID-19

To assist our job seeking customers during this rapidly changing environment, our team has only included new job postings during the prior 30 days for the EDR and Statewide HWOL reports.  This information shows only the employers and occupations that have recently posted job ads so we can provide the most up to date information on available jobs.

Note: ​The Conference Board introduced a new methodology with the release of the November 2018 data. All historical data is no longer valid and has been removed from the IDES website. IDES will only provide limited historical data upon request.

Statewide Report (PDF Report)

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Local Economic Development Regions (PDF Report)


Central EDR - 1

November 2021

East Central EDR - 2

November 2021

North Central - EDR 3

November 2021

Northeast - EDR 4

November 2021

Northern Stateline - EDR 5

November 2021

Northwest - EDR 6

November 2021

Southeastern - EDR 7

November 2021

Southern- EDR 8

November 2021

Southwestern - EDR 9

November 2021

West Central - EDR 10

November 2021

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