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FAQs for Job Seekers

Common Questions

Finding a Job

How do I search for a job?

Visit to search 100,000+ job postings for free. If you applied for unemployment insurance benefits, you already have an account!  

And, don’t forget to visit Illinois workNet for training tools, job fairs, and more information for your job search. 

Are there preparation programs before applying for jobs? (e.g. interview prep tools).

You can find resources online at Illinois workNet or at your local American Job Center.

What if I am having difficulty finding a job due to a prior record of arrest or conviction?

The Re-entry Employment Service Program (RESP) provides resources to Illinoisans who are currently, or have in the past been, subject to any stage of the criminal justice process and who require assistance in overcoming barriers to employment resulting from a record of arrest or conviction.

How can I explore new careers?

Illinois workNet has many resources to help you explore a new career. You can also use the Illinois Career Information System to dig deeper into how to plan your education pathway.

How can I learn about training, education, and credential programs?

Illinois workNet has tools to help you begin training or education programs – and even find a way to work while you learn.

How do I get in contact with potential employers? Are there job fairs I can attend?

Illinois workNet hosts many Virtual Job Fairs (VJFs) to connect job seekers and potential employers. You can create an account and meet with employers in a wide variety of industries. 

Can I get help paying for training?

You might be eligible for assistance to pay for training under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Training programs. These programs offer people the chance to build skills and find new career paths. To learn more, visit the job seeker page on Illinois workNet.

What are other ways I can reach out to find a job?

Virtual or actual job fairs are a great place for job seekers to get started. After compiling and organizing important information like a resume, check out the Illinois workNet calendar for upcoming employment events. Going to social media also a step in the right direction as some companies will get connected with potential employees through social media sites. Social media presents a great opportunity to market yourself and showcase the skills you have that make you a good candidate. Networking is an essential skill for anyone looking for a new opportunity, and social media can help you get noticed and connected with your future employer.

How can I learn about upcoming events?

Visit Illinois workNet for a calendar of upcoming events, such as job fairs. Events may be held virtually or in your local community.

How do I create a resume?

Illinois workNet offers a resume builder tool that will help you build an effective and professional resume. And, don’t forget to upload or create your resume on to connect with new employers! Troubleshooting

Can I reset my password by answering a Security Question?

  1. Yes, Go to Click Log In / Register. The login drop-down displays.
  2. Click Forgot Username or Password. The Forgot Password / Forgot Username page displays.
  3. Type your username under Forgot Password and click “Submit”. The Reset Password Options page displays.
  4. To reset your password by security question, click “Security Question.” Enter the answer to your security question and click, “Submit”.
    Note: Most security questions that ask for your date of birth must be answered in one of these formats: MM-DD-YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY Security Answers are case and format sensitive (i.e. enter the answer EXACTLY as when you created it).
  5. After answering your security question, you will be prompted to reset your password. If you are not taken to the “Reset Password” page, contact the IJL Help Desk at 877-342-7533
  6. On the “Password Reset” page, type your new password, then re-type to confirm. Click “Update Password.” You are returned to the home page and will see a confirmation message that your password has been updated.
  7. Click Log In / Register. The login drop-down displays. Type your username and the newly updated password

Note: If you receive the message stating you are locked out, wait 15 minutes before attempting to login with your newly reset password.

Can I reset my password by email?

Follow Steps 1 through 3 above. From the “Reset Password Options” page, if you have confirmed your email address, you will see Email as a reset option. Click “Email.”

  • The “Reset Password by Email” page displays, click “Submit.” If the email that appears is not the email you currently use, reset your password using the security question option or contact the IJL Help Desk at 877-342-7533.
  • You will receive an email with a password reset link. The “Password Reset” page displays after you click the link. Return to Step 6 above and follow the process to reset your password and log in to

If you are unable to reset your password by security question or email, please contact the Help Desk at 877.342.7533. For security reasons, we are unable to send reset codes by email.

How do I retrieve my username to access

  1. Go to Click Log In / Register. The login drop-down displays.
  2. Click Forgot Username or Password. The Forgot Password / Forgot Username page displays.
  3. If you have successfully confirmed your email address, enter it under “Forgot Username” and click “Submit”. Follow the instructions that are included in the email
  4. Alternate Recovery – click “Alternate Recovery” select the Account type and complete the required fields indicated by the red * click “Submit.”
  5. Your username will appear above the title “Alternate Username Recovery.”


If you are unable to retrieve your username, please contact the Help Desk at 877.342.7533.

How do I contact the Help Desk?

Contact the IJL Help Desk at 877-342-7533 and select option 1 for job seekers or option 2 for employers. If you call us, we kindly ask for your patience as we are experiencing an extremely high call volume.

What does it mean when it states, “your résumé is not complete?” when I log in?

If you are newly registered, it means that you need to create a new résumé using the Résumé Builder or upload one you have created in Microsoft Word.  If you have already created or uploaded a résumé, you may need to extend the date on an expired résumé. 

Click “Continue” that appears in the block notice. This will allow you to create, upload or extend the expiration date on an existing completed résumé.

How do I create or upload my résumé in

If you do not have an ACTIVE résumé in click “Continue” that appears in the block notice. Your “My Home Page” will not be visible until you complete a résumé.

Your résumé is considered complete when you have answered all the questions on the “New Résumé Page,” uploaded a word document of your résumé or used Résumé Builder to create a new résumé, selected “Occupation-Work Wanted” and identified relevant “Talents” and “Tool/Technologies”. Once you complete your résumé, it will remain active for 90 days.

For help with creating a résumé, view this powerpoint: Creating A Resume​

How can I update my email address in

Click the “My Profile” link in the left-hand menu that can be found on your “My Home Page.” Under “Contact Information” click “Edit Contact Information.” Enter your email address in the “Email Address” and “Confirm Email Address” boxes. Scroll to the bottom and select “Save.”

How can I update my Security Question and Answer in

Click the “My Profile” link in the left-hand menu that can be found on your “My Home Page.” Under “Account Information” click the “Change Security Question or Answer” link. Select a Security Question from the drop-down box and enter your Security Question Answer. Security Answers are case and format sensitive.