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Current Employment Statistics (CES)

CES produces payroll job estimates of Illinois' non-farm industries. Monthly files are updated in conjunction with the State and Metro Area Press Releases. Visit the 2021 Data Release Schedule​​​​. 

View the Illinois Department of Employment Security Employment Situation Press Releases​​. 

CES data for Economic Development Regions (EDRs), Workforce Investment  Areas (WIAs), and counties that are not in MSAs are produced by the Economic Information and Analysis division of the Illinois Department of Employment Security. Note: Estimates are not official U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data. 

Statewide CES data is available in Seasonally Adjusted (SA) form and Not Seasonally Adjusted (NSA) form. Click here​ for an explanation of the Seasonal Adjustment Methodology.

The Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) data are available in Not Seasonally Adjusted (NSA) series. Seasonally adjusted total nonfarm employment and Not Seasonally adjusted Hours and Earnings for MSA are available by visiting  

Changes to Illinois Metropolitan Statistical Area Delineations Following the 2010 Census​​

​The Current Employment Statistics (CES) began publishing monthly nonfarm industry employment estimates for 2010-based Metropolitan Areas in March 2015, with the release of January 2015 data. Historical monthly and annual Metropolitan Area nonfarm industry employment estimates were developed under the 2010-based geographic delineations back to 1990.​

More information about the CES program is available on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website at​.