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MyTax Illinois Employers

Informational Guide

In addition to the information below, we have included a printer friendly high level informational overview of the changes.  We will be updating this document on a periodic basis to reflect the new process.  Please continue to review this website and the informational guide.

UI 3/40 wage report

  • Employers with fewer than 25 employees can still file paper quarterly UI-3/40s. The online form has been improved to allow you to fill out the form online, save it and print it. Download the UI3/40 here.
  • Employers with any employee size will have the option to file quarterly UI-3/40 wage reports and make payments through their MyTax Illinois account at

MyTax Illinois
Please use MyTax Illinois for all your State of Illinois tax needs, including the monthly and quarterly wage filing requirements.

Zero wage filing

  • Employers will be able to file their quarterly zero wage reports through a non-log in feature on MyTax Illinois; you will only need your FEIN and UI account numbers.
  • Employers will also be able to file their quarterly zero wage reports through MyTax Illinois if you already have an account set up.
  • Employers can still file paper quarterly UI-3/40s by downloading and completing the approved UI3/40 form.

Credit card payment option
Payments can be made through MyTax Illinois ACH debit from your checking or savings account. ACH debit is free to use. You may also mail in a payment using a check or money order.

Wage filers
There are no changes to the current required monthly and quarterly reporting requirements.